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"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured."

                          -B.K.S Iyengar

Waleska Suarez

When Waleska was 18 years old her world was turned upside down, inside out and backwards. One day she was a regular teenager and the next she was waking up in a hospital with a machine breathing for her and a machine cleaning her blood. Her experience through the ups and downs of the medical world ultimately brought her to the understanding of a need to change the way we live. Being a first hand witness of how sick we have become as a society and how unconscious many of us are of the ill effects of our lifestyle, led her to a path of transformation. 

Yoga and meditation became her tools for healing both physically and mentally and awakened a passion to provide it as a healing tool to all.


Her mission, to spread the message that there is no need to reach the critical and usually awful point in life that forces us to change. Why do it tomorrow when we can do it today? She wanted to dedicate the precious life that she was granted to doing something meaningful and to truly helping people in any way she could.

Waleska died on December 19th 2020-the day after her 28th birthday. She left a legacy of inner will to endure and love for life beyond all challenges. Her last moments embodied on the earth awakened in her mom Aarya a deep connection to the beauty and power of the most mysterious event of our lives: Death. A spark got ignited to share the power of dying with fearlessness and living life more fulfilled by transforming our fear and misconception of death

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