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Guests Share
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I AM infinitely Grateful and with a heart full of joy for each and every guest that has come for self-nourishing retreat, for every guest about to come and for the blessing and honor to share with each and everyone the magical experience. Mahalo! Mahalo! Aloha!

I was in need to a private get away to reconnect with nature and hopes to release and work through some aspects of my life that were no longer serving. I was so blessed to be guided to this retreat with Aarya. She is kind and generous and the entire experience offered all I was hoping for and more. She allowed me to take time I needed for rest and solitude while offering me beautiful healing experiences through energy work, hiking, art , mediation and much more! She structures the retreat to offer a healing experience moving through grounding (earth) , fire (letting go) and water (purification and cleansing) and there were aligned activities each day. That said I never felt pushed to do anything and time didn’t exist. The days were gorgeous and long with time for rest and deep inner work. She offered an ear to listen, and was so soft in her presence it never felt uncomfortable to be in her space. She offered me beautiful teaching and facilitation and the food was amazing. I never felt healthier - truly like my body was operating in harmony with nature. Aarya is one the most mindful, humble and aligned human I think I have met and if you step into experience with her you will step out refreshed and relaxed and awakened to a new way of moving through the world. I learned so much. Thank you Aarya, I will be back!! Mahalo! - Amie Rafter

How do I even begin to find the words to describe just how amazing this experience was? All I can really say is thank you, Aarya Joy, for a truly magical time.  If you come across this retreat, it’s for a reason. Don’t think. Don’t hesitate. Just reach out to her and schedule a time to go. Aarya has cultivated a wonderful space for her guests to practice the art of flowing with life. This sacred time is a truly unique experience in that Aarya will guide you into deep introspection but she will also maintain a respectful distance if you so need. The walks you will take, the food you will eat, the magnificent sights you’ll take in, and the presence of your incredible, beautiful host will heal and calm you in ways you will not expect, causing you to acknowledge your own inner power.The lush and diverse landscape alone is worthy of quiet reverence. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I have returned to “normal” life with a deep and penetrating sense of renewal, an awareness of my own connection to everything, and an undeniable love for myself and all beings. I realize it was always there, but the difference lies in a kind of transcendence. I have returned with a much deeper gratitude for every day, every experience, every moment with myself and with others. What I found most surprising was that when I left, I didn’t long to still be there. Instead, I found that I am more present in every moment than ever before. I now look at and regard the things I once took for granted with a sense of awe and wonder. I see beauty all around me. I give thanks to the elements, the food that nourishes me, the water that cleanses me, the bed and the room that give me a warm place to sleep at night, the loved ones I cherish. Thanks to Aarya and her lovely space of reprieve, I release shame and restlessness over what I believed I should be doing and where I should be in life, and now fully embrace joyful acceptance of the beautiful, powerful goddess within, the worthiness of existence that was always there.  - Joan

When I came across Aarya's retreat, I knew instantly that this was exactly what I was looking for. I was feeling very burnt out and just lethargic in every way. As I read through the details of the retreat - it just felt meant to be!.   I had been wanting to go to Hawai'i for quite sometime now, but had never travelled alone as an adult. She took the stress of planning rides and meals out of the equation. I have also been working on myself for the past few years in terms of my spiritual, emotional and mental growth and this intuitively felt like the way to get the clarification that I have been seeking.   The nature immersion / hikes and whole body detox aligned with everything that I enjoy and love! As soon as I landed, I knew that my intuition was not wrong.   Aarya is a beautiful ray of light and her home what she stands for. Her hospitality all comes from Pure Love. She is an amazing host and person with genuine care for people. She meets you exactly were you are, and guides you based solely on how you are feeling and what you are needing.   She is an absolute Angel and I am overjoyed that our paths have crossed. And YES!... I received all the answers that I was seeking :) - Marie Michel

I chose this retreat because I trusted Aarya to create a safe, nonjudgemental space where I could unwind and focus on my needs.I'm so grateful for the nourishing food Aarya prepared for me and for the time to rest and get back in touch with myself. Now that I'm back home, I'm eating healthier and I'm reinvigorated and inspired in my work.I was a bit nervous about staying at someone's home. But, I read all the testimonials and trusted my gut. I was not disappointed. Aarya was a gracious host and created a warm, loving environment where I felt completely at ease. - Div

“What a “Profound Experience” I had during my one on one retreat with Aarya! And I am continuing to reap the benefits weeks later. She was so gracious, giving us the opportunity to dialogue and do quite a bit of the planning of our program by phone before I arrived. This offering was oh so helpful. She was very accommodating in so many ways throughout our retreat. On the afternoon I arrived, she met me in the driveway wearing a beautiful welcoming smile and an absolutely sexy dress. Of course, she helped me unpack and get settled into my room. My bedroom was quite romantic with netting around the bed (And the bed was oh so comfortable). The room was very cozy with all the basic and tastefully chosen furniture. The Lanai of the second floor bedroom had an awesome view, a very inviting swing (which I used often) and an inversion swing. Yoga mats and cushions were also available. The downstairs temple space felt oh so sacred with her beautifully chosen statuary, crystals and candles. My request was that she prepared one meal a day and she showed up big time with one of my favorite dishes: Kitchari. Giving me the opportunity to eat in silence and by myself as I had requested. The place settings and candles made it Oh so inviting. Two of our three mornings we began our day by chanting and meditation before sunrise, accompanied by her passionate playing of her harmonium. What a blessing! One day she shared a very powerful Falun Gong Practice with me on the lava flow by her lovely home during sunrise. My favorite healing experience was her gift of using the toning bowls and crystal bowls during the sunset time. Before arriving I had requested to have alone time and of course she was so gracious in allowing that to happen. And it feels important to mention that the environment surrounding her home was so blissful and peaceful with an abundance of nature spirits, birds and fruit trees. She has the incredible gift of validating you exactly where you are on your path and giving you a big dose of permission and encouragement to go to the next place of claiming your divine truth and expressing that divine truth in an even more powerful way. At the end of my stay, three days, I recognized that I had given myself an incredible gift and I plan to do it again".  - Maggie Dancer

The solo retreat with Aarya was everything and more! Words, pictures and reviews from previous guests were enough to paint the picture of what to expect. But being here present in Aarya's love, support and hospitality was simply unexplainable!.   I was looking for an opportunity to completely unplug and disconnect from the modern world as we know it, whilst also searching for my passion and purpose through deep healing and solitude.    Aarya provides the space, tools and experience to do this. We hiked, meditated, swam and through it all I learned a bit more about myself through the process.   The space is comfortable, clean, calm and completely Zen. The amazing ocean view from the veranda made me embrace each day here more and more.   This trip and experience has inspired me to continue my journey of spiritual development + solo travels are a must for the future. If something about Aarya's retreat calls and speaks to you, don't think twice! You will not regret it.   This experience has been completely transformational physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

- Kamini Guptar

Words can't describe what this place is like. This place is magical, peaceful and healer. I am so grateful that Aarya has opened her heart and home for those who are seeking personal and spiritual growth.    The time I spent with Aarya at her place, was magical and blessed. Being surrounded by nature, in touch with the earth, water and nutritious food has been so amazing. Watching and hearing all the birds, butterflies, geckos, has been out of this world for me.   Aarya is an amazing human being and she made me feel like family. Her amazing food is so delicious. She is a beautiful person full of light and I am very grateful for her sharing her knowledge with me. I will definitely go back and continue my healing journey to this beautiful place and beautiful Aarya." - Rocio Pineda

Aarya: Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home that feels so pure and serene it made my soul dance.   This was exactly the place and time that my mind was not ready for but my soul dearly needed.   I am so full of gratitude at this moment for you and for the universe to conspire for both of us to share.   I am leaving this place with memories, lessons, learnings, but most importantly love. Thank you! Mahalo! Sukhriya! Gracias!   Much Love - Varsha

What a wonderful host that is Aarya! What a safe and welcoming place this is! What delicious food that she cooked! What an amazing hike it was - barefoot and silence - I loved it! What a fun and healing time I had at the beach!   Everything I experienced was so amazing healing and nourishing. I mean the first night I slept like 12 hours! - 12 hours! - I haven't slept like that long since I was 18, Lol.   Her vegan cooking was so nourishing and fulfilling, yet so simple. It actually inspired me to think more about becoming vegan, which I feel like this retreat validated me.   Aarya's generosity and compassion literally radiates through her eyes and face! I can see it and it makes me want to be like that. I am sure that all those years of practicing spirituality and raising her daughters made her to be this wonderful being.   Thank you very much Aarya, for everything!    I feel like I experienced a great one on one host who showed me her generosity and compassion at work on everyday situation. From simple things like asking how was the sleep, to how I would like to do things like art and meditation.   I truly enjoyed my stay. I also learned to like the jungle noise - frogs and pigs - Haha!   Much Love and Gratitude - Eric

I felt called to this retreat and now I know exactly why. From the moment I arrived Aarya was so kind, loving, and generous with every aspect of her home, island, and wealth of knowledge.    She is truly there for you to get exactly what you need out of the visit. She does not push you but is always there to guide you with her 20+ years of spiritual training and life experiences.    The home is magical and you will leave relaxed, refreshed, and renewed to tackle what life has in store for you. - Jenner Kearns

This place is a palace of nature and Pure Love.    Aarya is one of the most unique and wonderful and beautiful persons I ever met.   I am leaving after 6 days full of totally new magical energy and with a strong feeling that I will be back! - Aga

I had a truly transformative experience during the 7 day Pure Nature, Pure Food retreat. The nature hikes, watching the sunrise, picking guavas provided me a deep connection to the natural world. These activities grounded me and reminded me of the beauty and harmony that existed in nature. 

Visiting the sacred bee sanctuary has been a unique and enlightening experience as well. Bees are often seen as symbols of community, hard work, and interconnectedness. Being in their presence can evoke a sense of awe and appreciation for the intricate web of life. 

In addition to all these, Aarya’s presence, her actions, her embodiment of love and light truly helped elevate my consciousness and find my own divinity. I felt so blessed and grateful to know her and to be in her retreat.  - Mei

What an incredible weekend! I feel like a new person. Aarya is a tremendous hostess, healer & cook!   I felt so safe, comfortable, and cared for the entire time.  It takes a very special soul to do what she does, and her work is nothing short of amazing!   And then there is the incredible beauty that is the farm! Lush, green, quiet, secluded and magical! Every sunset was better than the last!   You will love every moment you are here in the charming cottage feeling the ocean breeze all day. Warm, wonderful and inviting all around. Highly recommended! - - Mary Elizabeth Boylan

Like Anais Min said, "And a day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." I was at my breaking point in life. I felt like my spirit was dying. I was mourning many things, and overwhelmed by many others. I needed to put everything on hold (job, family, children, etc), and go to this safe cocoon in order to let those things die, to let go, and to turn into a butterfly :)I chose this retreat specifically because I knew I would be the only guest there. I didn't feel like being around people or talking much. I needed a serene, peaceful place to clear my mind, be surrounded by nature, and get in touch with the me that was buried underneath the stress of life.When I first came to Aarya's place, I was hurting, heavy, full of sorrow and grief. I felt the most overwhelming sadness and a sense of loss. I think this was my absolute lowest point spiritually speaking. After my 4 night sty, I came home a completely new person. I feel light, happy, full of positive energy. I find myself smiling just doing regular every day things (driving, picking up the house, writing this review). I have strength, and most importantly, newly acquired skills to continue being a radiant and happy human being.Aarya's place is a sanctuary, a hospital for the spirit, heart, mind, body, and soul. I came here truly hurting and in need of a safe space to rest, reset, and restore. Aarya provided that space and was able to customize my daily schedule. Most of my time was spent in silence on the beautiful upstairs lanai. We did yoga Nidra, sound baths, mandala art, and the iMRS mat was out of this world! Aarya is amazingly kind, loving, and a wonderful facilitator of healing and creating a space to heal. On my third night here, I had a spiritual breakthrough and was able to receive the message that I needed. I realize that may sound a bit cliche, but wonderful things do happen when we allow ourselves to detox (physically and mentally) and be still long enough to listen and receive. I was able to get in touch with myself here, to heal, and to gain an understanding of the direction I must be taking. This place in incredibly special, and will benefit those in need who need a retrieve from the chaos of life, as well as those who thirst for silence and solitude in order to get in touch with themselves. This place is truly one-of-a kind, like a mother tree who waits for wounded birds to fly in and rest their wings. Aarya, you are a magical human being, and I can't that you enough for creating such a beautiful place and space for healing and rejuvenation. Thank you from the bottom of my soul" - Mila Savini 

Aloha,    If you have come across this invitation and think " I need that" then book it! I have never done anything like this. This was even my first time traveling alone!   I came to Aarya feeling so disconnected and stressed. This experience helped me re-connect and love myself in a way I didnt even know was possible.   Aarya is a beautiful, loving and generous person who will guide you in this journey and whatever it needs to be for you.   I now have so many "tools" to take back with me, and I am eternally grateful for what Aarya has done for me. What a beautiful, clean, quiet space she is sharing!  - Adriana Ross

If you are anything like me, a true introvert, this is a perfect place to be.  Aarya gives a private, one on one, meditation retreat where you are not surrounded by a group. I needed the privacy of my own room and space.    Every morning, Aarya makes a delicious warm cup of fresh tea and I sit in the Lanai to enjoy the ocean view. In the afternoon she prepares a wonderful meal. I never go hungry.    She takes good care of you, as one of her family. Come here with an open mind and allow everything to flow. This is the perfect way to heal your soul and be immersed in simple natural Hawaiian life. I will be back again - Michele Le

Mahalo!    Aarya is a God sent answered prayer to help me heal holistically. Surrendering everything and now my favorite theme song: "Let it BE" will help you cleanse your mind and heart.   She is full of love and support that radiates on her soul and her sanctuary. This magical place will help you find clarity and peace in your mind and heart.   Thank you very much Aarya! My first Hawaiian experience is very memorable because of this retreat. I found love and light and now I can say I am ready to be more forgiving, more loving and I will live my life each day with new blessings, happiness and kindness. She is like a mother to me!   "When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom... Let it be... Let it be... Let it be...   Thank you very much Aarya, I love you very much! You are my mentor and life coach. An inspiration in this world! And I am proud that I became your daughter for 5 days :)   I will spread my wings like the butterfly and spread goodness to mankind :)   Mahalo! My heart and tummy are Full :) Love you :)   See you again :) - Rigel Bauza

 have been a lifelong seeker and had been looking into a destination spiritual retreat for a couple of years.   I live in the midwest and had researched a few on the mainland- from several days to week-long retreats nationwide.   I travel to Hawaii frequently because of the beauty, vibe and the spiritual aura that surrounds me while there-just being on Big Island makes me a better person.  I was headed back for another trip. 


For some reason I had not even considered a retreat there, but serendipity introduced me to Aarya Joy, and the rest is history!  I had been going through a rough period. Debilitating fear and an overall sense of dread occupied my mind and I couldn't seem to shake them.  


My time with Aarya was personalized, enlightening and offered all I could have hoped for.  Aarya is a beautiful soul who genuinely cares, has a sensitive spirit and who helped me believe in myself again.   


There was talk and journaling!  But she also introduced me to several new forms of spiritual practice: Alternate nostril breathing, crystal bowl, burning bowl ritual, meditation and reintroducing gratitude to my life in ways I had not previously experienced.   Art, dancing and so much more.  


She offers food options, but since I've been eating low carb, I omitted this option-Aarya is no pressure and full of love and acceptance!  I've kept in contact with Aarya during the almost 6 months since my retreat.  I continue my practice and grow and be so very grateful that I chose her to lead my experience.  -MP

What an amazing experience!   Aarya is a gracious, thoughtful host who generously shares her paradise with her guests.   I was a bit nervous about the home being described as rustic, but it is delightful, clean, open, and perfectly situated in nature.   I loved all the noises, especially the chorus of frogs and pigs at night. The food was terrific! I am a picky eater and Aarya eagerly tried new recipes to make sure I was nourished. I loved everything she made and I hope I will be able to re-create some of it at home.     When I arrived I was exhausted. More than anything else, I needed permission to rest. Aarya created that calm, welcoming, nonjudgemental space for me. I am eternally Grateful! - Meredith

This retreat was a truly and uniquely rejuvenating experience. Aarya is a warm and wonderful and beautiful soul, with an elevated spirituality.    She helped me structure my six days here to accommodate both my preferences and her excellent intuition of how I might recharge to the highest level.   The food is wonderfully nourishing, using simple locally sourced ingredients.    The immersive nature activities are one of a kind - this island truly offers a bounty.   I am feeling totally transformed at the end of this stay. It has restored a sense of equanimity that I felt I had lost forever. THANK YOU!- Abhishek

I found a beautiful re-connection to all elements of nature. The memories made here have shifted my consciousness and love to a deeper level.   I feel so blessed to have taken a leap into the unknown and have been gently landing with the support of Aarya, Naia, mama Gaia and friends. Thank you for hosting me in your nest of love. - Dillan

This retreat was a truly uniquely rejuvenating and holistic experience for me.   The silence meditation was so powerful.  I was able to find myself. I was able to connect with my higher self and experience profound life. I felt really alive here.   Aarya was very calm, compassionate, and warm lady. She has a super soul with motherly nature showering so much love to the entire world.   The food here is very nourishing and made with locally sourced ingredients. She prepared the food with so much love and care. I felt happy with her food and cultivated a conscious eating habit.   Hawai'i is such a magical and mystical place, I felt really welcomed with open arms. I felt that Hawai'i is an enlightened place. She radiates so much positive energy around us. I felt so connected with this place that my heart cried tears of joy and gratitude.   I highly recommend to those who want to find themselves and believe that happiness is within us, that this is a place to be. - Chhewang Lama

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