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Organic Vegan Spring Cleanse

Gift yourself an Organic Vegan Spring Cleanse


With a 3 or 5 day vegan mini detox/cleansing retreat close to home yet far from daily stresses. 


Purify your body and re-set your digestive system through:

Intermittent fasting 

with an organic Vegan Ayurvedic Kitchari style meal 

Which gives you a digestive system restoration and re-set


Cleanse your mind through: 

Electronic fasting 

with a vegan pause from electronics, media and outside distractions


Nourish your heart through:

Daily burden fasting 

Pausing from the daily routine and coming to a supportive environment that strengthens your inner wellbeing and provides calming and peaceful experience



You come simply to unwind, cleanse, be with yourself and nature, and 

I take care of everything else.


I provide the accommodations, prepare and provide the meals, tea and water and the clean nurturing space for your experience


All the purification supported by your being immersed in nature in an organic, eco-friendly- off grid, private home with beautiful views of the ocean and delightful ocean breeze.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Accommodations in a private home located in an organic coffee farm


  • Your own Private bedroom with all eco- non-toxic furnishings

  • Queen size organic cotton/wool mattress

  • Shared bathroom only with me


The intermittent fasting includes:

  • *Freshly brewed Ginger and turmeric tea throughout the day - to increase your immunity, aid digestion and absorption of the Ayurvedic meal and purify your digestive organs

  • *One main meal of kitchari style lentils and rice with coconut oil and spices - to give rest to the digestive organs 

  • *If needed, an afternoon complementary whole fresh oat groats sprouted, and slowly simmered, seasoned with nutritional yeast, lemon and salt - to maintain your energy

  • *Purified and restructured water


All food, and products offered are organic, freshly and lovingly cooked by me

The mind and heart fasting include: 

  • your own free flow to do nothing or 

  • Create your own schedule for the day immersed in the forest bath and peacefulness of the natural environment:

  • Read, write, do yoga, meditate, contemplate, take a lava walk, color and do art, be in silence… 


  • Electricity: Solar, off grid, which means we conserve energy and use the system only when needed. Lights off around 9:30pm

  • Water: Water comes from rain through catchment tank, we conserve water 

  • Electric devices: Hair dryers, Hair straighteners and other high demand electrical devices are not compatible with the solar energy

  • Cleanliness: The house is kept consistently cleaned. Eco- friendly using only organic and non-toxic products.

  • Drinking Water: Filtered many times. Through several systems.

  • Distractions: We enjoy having no TV or loud music. There is no-smoking, drinking, partying or drugs.

  • Air: No Air Conditioning, all fresh air from the ocean breeze




Organic Coffee farm in Captain Cook at aprox. 1,000ft altitude.

Nestled within coffee trees, mango, banana, papaya, birds, geckos, and wondrous ocean view and ocean breeze.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Appreciated Contribution
3 days/2 nights
US$ 777 
5 days/4 nights
US$ 1008 
Would like to offer a different amount?
Send me a message 

“Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.”


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