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Cha-Ching! Increase your Inner Wealth
Just for you, Just Relaxing

Mahalo! Gracias! Thank you!

I am immensely grateful that you are here connecting

This is an invitation for you to come to center

Experience yourself in Pure Love, calm and serenity

TOGETHER, Magic Happens!

Going deep... Communing with Nature

Are you being called to deepen and exponentiate your inner wealth , depth and complete wellbeing ?

Are you committed to investing in yourself and prioritizing your Wellness. Maintain or amplify your inner and outer strength, vitality, radiance, inspiration, beauty, mental clarity, emotional peace and complete wellness?

Do you have a deep longing in your heart, a feeling in every fiber of your being to go deeper into your own power source?

Yes? then this retreat is for you


When I am with a guest on retreat, the depth of sharing and the magic that happens leaves me in pureAWE

 I feel immensely honored and blessed by each guest that comes. I know that each person coming is making an investment in themselves. I know its a leap of faith, a trust in life.


 Our time together is extraordinarily profound. Mahalo! to each one-  Pure Pure Love - Aarya

Lily's Journey

RoyalKye's experience

Marina's sharing

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What and where is the source of happiness, prosperity, peace and health?


It's simple: live in Gratitude, embrace Silence, immerse in Nature, embody Pure Love -

All which we embrace here TOGETHER

Indulging in precious time basking in the most gorgeous nature, enfolded in the magic and beauty of the Big island of Hawai'i. Also called "the healing island"

Enjoying meditation, yoga, the power of sound, deep nourishing silence

Delighting in slowing down. Cleansing and purifying your entire being inwardly and outwardly

Eating fresh, organic, live plant-based food, full of nutrients and everything needed to supply real nourishment to every cell of your being. A full body cleanse for your complete digestive and nutritional rejuvenation

Connecting! while enjoying the breezy walks along the coast, the sun-beaming hikes on the oldest volcano, swimming in the silky waters blessed by the magnificent ocean life, being grounded on the earth barefoot and feeling free

Engaging in experiences to bring about

Equanimity, flowing with life without resistance, embodying more love, joy, awareness

Celebrating the wondrous moment. A deep breather. A contented smile

Delighting with the Sweet taste of being fully nourished 

Deepening our connection with ourselves, others and nature

Experiencing less is more, less doing and more being

A quiet calm presence


Re-discover simplicity, undoing, freeing yourself from all the extra accumulations that create a burden in life

Feel the feel through more personal sharing from guests transformational experience

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"This has been my first retreat, and my experience during the six days of my stay with Aarya have been profound. The farm is a magical place! The house is perfectly curated with the most essential items to ensure that you have everything you need. The nature surrounding the house is vibrant and pours with life during the day and at night.


Every day, Aarya helps you to set the intention before embarking on your journey. She is incredibly accommodating, but will always give you the time and space needed to be at one with yourself. The food is nourishing, cleansing and amazing! Aarya is a fantastic cook! Most of the food comes directly from the farm :) 


During my time here, Aarya has been an excellent guide in helping me to overcome my limitations and allowing me to embody Pure Love! She is a beautiful soul with a great sense of humor. I have cherished every moment with her. Before arriving, I was in a dark place and felt very lost. Her teachings and presence have allowed me to recognize the light that radiates within me.


I cannot thank her enough for spreading her light. It has been one of the most memorable experiences of my life. And I hope you are able to have this experience as well. You are Pure Love! 

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"The experience with Aarya was absolutely amazing.

I loved how the retreat was centered around what I was needing in the moment.

We talked about area’s that I need support with such as more self reflection, removal of outside distractions (cellphone!), and just living in the moment. We walked through the most beautiful trail that led to a private beach. We watched the sunset in silence while sitting on lava rocks. One night she did a sound bath and my spirit felt so cleansed afterward. The food was AMAZING, filling, and aided in some digestion issues I was experience. I will definitely be back. Thank you Aarya for helping bring out the inner peace that  was already within me the whole time. Until next time ❤️ “


IMG_8884 2.HEIC


"There are experiences in this life that cannot be adequately described through the written word.


My week with Aarya was one of these comprised of many breathtaking and awe-inspiring moments throughout our time together. Everything flowed in divine perfection leaving me feeling peace, joy, love, and gratitude.


It was exactly the life reset I needed to find balance, clarity, and a deep awareness of my heart and soul’s deepest desires. 


Aarya truly takes care of everything and holds you in the highest vibration of love down to the beautiful homemade plant-based meals,  personalized guided meditations, sound baths, and yoga! 


Our week together was life-changing! I am grateful that the universe connected me with such a beautiful kind gentle soul as Aarya! 

Image by Nick Fewings



"Our true nature is pure love, expansion, bliss, fearlessness, joy.


In silent aloneness there is a golden door to pure joy"


Location of the retreats


Hawi, North Kohala

A magical place in the northern part of Big Island, Hawai'i






Whats included


  • Pick-up and drop-off from Kona Airport 

  • Accommodations

  • Nature immersion 

  • Fresh organic fruit 

  • Delicious meal with Intermittent fasting 

  • Daily guided experiences

  • Meditation

  • Transportation during the immersion

  • Taxes and Fees

Whats not included

  • Worries, stress and along with

  • Airplane tickets - travel arrangements

  • Visas 

  • Travel or medical insurance

  • Personal items

  • Additional activities - ad-ons


What makes this retreat special?

- “People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.” — A.A. Milne, Winnie the Pooh

The alchemy that gets created when we are together! It is beyond words...

Starting with

Your trust in life to take you where you need to be. Here and Now. And the magical time we will share

Your openness to take the jump, come, share, and commune with nature, with your inner being, and with life in a rich way


Merged with

The authentic connection that we cultivate. After 20 years of living a very private lifestyle of self-discovery and inner exploration,

I am now sharing through this gem of retreat the abundance of blessings that have emerged from embodying the practices cultivated... a space where you can relax, take a deep breath, be, explore and ignite your pure joy!


You are welcomed with Pure Love to support and allow for the wondrous magic of life to happen and re-discovery of your own magnificent self


Connected with the subtleness of life flowing through in pure beauty

Connected with the miracle of every moment without expectations, without requirements


This is a unique and different experience from a luxury resort. The luxury we experience here is Luxury for the soul through Silence, Peace and Deep connection


We are in the midst of a tropical lush environment. The accommodations are naturally in harmony with the surroundings, which means, we share with the geckos, the ants, bugs, birds, cats, mongoose, and all the other beings that call this magical place their home

We strive to live as much as we can in an environment that is free from pollution: be it sound, air, electromagnetic, food-related, etc. 

 We eat and drink only organic non-GMO, fresh food

We rejoice that our guests embrace and look forward to coming here at ease and joyful that we embrace this simple and WELL-being lifestyle



Cleansing and Nourishing Food

We enjoy a fully nutritious plant-based lifestyle with the delight of organic fresh fruit from local farms, nourishing salads and veggies, cell regenerative grounding foods and fresh cleansing juices and tonics

We partake in intermittent fasting to allow your digestive system to take a break, rest, and cleanse. This means that we will eat our food between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm

Throughout the rest of the day: Fresh brewed ginger tea and filtered water

Every cell of your body will soak the nourishment it will be getting from the freshly and lovingly prepared meals, which are carefully selected to give you all the live nutrients that your body needs to thrive

Choose from several options


Option One


Juice and liquid

Enjoy fresh pressed alkalizing juices made with the freshest ingredients carefully chosen to provide for you readily available utmost nutrition

Usual ingredients: celery, cucumber, cilantro, beets, apples, lemon, ginger

In addition to the juices, enjoy fresh coconut water and coconut mylk full of probiotics to nourish your intestinal flora


Option Two

Raw menu

Enjoy a colorful and refreshing menu comprised of organic, locally grown fresh salads, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds

All prepared with pure Aloha and an array of forms to delight your day


Option Three


Combination of the above three

Enjoy a colorful and refreshing menu comprised of organic, locally grown fresh salads, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds

All prepared with pure Aloha and an array of forms to delight your day

Sample Experiences




Sound Bath


Culinary demos



You will be welcomed to a beautiful 40 acre private retreat center 

enveloped in nature, with ocean views

peace and tranquility

Zen spaces, simple and sincere

Private Bedroom with Private Bathroom

Choose a focus

7 day
Trust your Gut

Live foods whole body cleanse/detox

Appreciated Contribution

5 day
Undo, Transmute 

Whole being Revitalizing Reset 

Appreciated Contribution

5 day 
Source your Source

Meditation Silent retreat

Appreciated Contribution  $4,999

5 day
Vegan Culinary 

Plantbased cooking immersion  

Appreciated Contribution  $4,999


Or customize your own number of days and activities

Sample Schedule

Each morning as we see what wondrous surprises the dawn brings, we determine the full schedule of the day, always allowing space for change and new ideas to manifest

First day / Arrival: (Check-in after 3:00 pm)

  • Pick-up at the airport in Hilo, Big Island

  • Transportation to the accommodation - Approximately a 40-minute car drive.

  • Settle into the room and unwind

  • Welcome dinner


Full days


  • Fountain of Youth Energizing practice

  • Yoga

  • Guided Meditation

  • Plant based culinary demonstration 



Experiences to choose for exploration:

  • Solo time for introspection - deepens connection with the heart

  • Sound bath with gong and crystal bowls - harmonizes and clears the mind

  • Guided meditation - instills stillness and heart connection

  • Mandala art meditation - connects with the depths of you

  • Yoga 

  • QI Gong style harmonizing practice

  • Wellness/fitness/lifestyle mentoring (inspirational conversation and sharing) - connection with life

  • Jin Shin Jyutsu - self care energetic routine - tips of practice to take home for maintenance of wellbeing

  • Free time for Journaling, reading & unwinding - essential solo time to simply be

Last Day/Departure: (Airport drop-off/Checkout before 11:00am)

  • Airport drop-off

Fantabulous additional experiences available to add a la carte:​

  • Extra days to explore the island

  • Massage

  • A drive south with option to include:

    • a hike or walk to green sands beach,

    • a day with a sacred bee keeper,

    • beautiful stops along the way to explore the island.

    • visit to the Kilauea volcano

  • A drive out west to white sand, turquoise water beach

  • Zip linning

  • Personal wellness mentoring after the retreat

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Giving and Receiving

The infinite flow of Aloha

We give our offerings to you overflowing with Pure Love and Appreciation

We receive your contribution as a gift ,

a beautiful exchange in expression of Gratitude

Would like to explore a trade option?
Send me a message 
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Booking Details

Booking details 💟


Your private retreat dates are booked and confirmed with a 15% deposit at time of reservation.


The remaining balance is sent up to 15 days before arrival directly to Hostess via:



-Credit card available by Stripe payment link ( with 4.5% Stripe fee included)


Remaining Balance

    • Remaining balance is due 15 days before the retreat start date.

    • If paid at the time of booking, a full refund of the remaining balance is available up to 15 days before your retreat start date.

    • Due to all the expenses incurred to prepare for the retreat, If cancelled 0-15 days before your retreat start date the remaining balance is not refundable


Mahalo! for your gift and contribution, it is received with Pure Love and Gratitude 💜


And now we come to the fine print that we all accept , sign and this time you fully read... here we go:


By booking participation in the retreat;


We are embracing that we gather and share during the retreat from a space of trust, goodwill and with Pure Love.


You accept and agree that you are fully responsible for yourself, that you participate in all activities by your own willful choice taking your own risk, and therefore, accept to forever release, waive, and discharge the retreat/experience, host, guide, all helpers, family, facilitators, team, any volunteers, and Pure Gold Frequency, LLC from any and all legal claims and liability without limitation.

Mahalo! Aloha! Pure Love 💟

Image by Kelly Sikkema

100% deposit refund

30+ days before retreat start date

50% deposit refund

15-30 days before retreat start date

0% Refund

0-15 days before start date



When is the best time of year to come?

All year round is great to come. November to February are the coolest months, a light jacket may be useful. July and August the hottest months.

What to bring?

  • Water Bottle

  • Walking/ Hiking Shoes

  • Water shoes

  • Swim Suit 

  • Sunscreen (Eco- friendly / reef safe)

  • Mosquito repellent (deet free - non toxic)

  • Light Sweater / jacket

  • Flip - flops or beach shoes

  • Comfortable moving clothes

  • Journal

  • Sun Hat

  • Daypack

  • Ear Plugs (in case you are not used to the night frog song or wish to mitigate road noise and dog barking, the usual sounds of the night)


What toiletries do I need to pack?

Bring your own personal toiletries such as toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, etc. Please make sure they are eco-friendly non toxic variety. 

Can I customize a retreat in a different location than Big Island, Hawai'i?

Certainly, I offer the option to create and facilitate a retreat for you in a location of your choosing. We simply need to coordinate the logistics based on your focus for the retreat


What is intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting is a pattern of eating between a range of hours to allow for ample time of rest to your digestive system. For example, to eat within a window of six hours and let the digestive system rest for 18 hours without any food. We will eat between 10:00am and 4:00pm to apply the 18:6 ratio.


What are the purported benefits of a cleanse?

  • eliminate accumulated toxins from the mind and body tissues.

  • improve digestion and restore regular bowel movements.

  • remove heaviness or congestion in the body.

  • support a healthy body weight.

  • improve energy and vitality.

  • promote overall health and wellness.

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