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5 day New Year Power UP Nature Retreat

MAHALO 2022!!! Fare thee well ... ALOHA 2023!!! E Komo Mai


This retreat is an invitation to bid farewell to 2022 and welcome 2023 with a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that celebrates and embraces the cycles of life in Pure JOY, in Pure Love

Exclusive and Private with a maximum of 4 participants

Plant based cleansing intermittent fasting for whole body rejuvenation

Cleanse, purify, create... BE empowered

Dive into your own joyous presence

Live in Love Live in Beauty

Embracing renewal, purification, cleansing... manifesting the upgraded you, allowing for the infinite possibilities you can embody

Do you have a deep calling in your heart, a feeling in every fiber of your body to cultivate your innermost BE-ing?

Spark your own magnificence

Get immersed in a space specifically created to allow you the opportunity for re-kindling your own inner Power and Pure Heart

The world is constantly overwhelming you with more of this and that. Re-discover simplicity, sincerity, undoing, dissolving, and freeing yourself from all the extra accumulations that create a burden in your life


Celebrating the passing of 2022 into 2023 with reverence, ceremony, and introspection

Connecting with the elements

  • Fire for letting go and transmuting what we no longer need to carry into the new year

  • Water for flowing with life and revitalizing our bodies

  • Earth for grounding the new energies coming in with the year starting a-new

  • Air for being in conscious awareness of our breath, our actions, and what we are creating in our day to day

Immersed in pure nature honoring, appreciating and experiencing life from a place of deep gratitude and Love

Flowing from the old into the new with effortless ease, within and without, embracing the rhythm of existence as it presents itself to us every day



Sample itinerary: (all activities optional and changeable)


First day / Arrival: (Check-in between 1:30pm - 5:00pm)

  • Pick-up at the airport in Kona, Big Island

  • Transportation to the farm - Approximately a 75-minute car drive.

  • Settle into the room and unwind

  • Fresh squeezed alkalizing juice

  • Welcoming dinner


Second day



  • Warm fresh brewed ginger turmeric tonic

  • Connection with Earth - barefoot grounding hike to be fully present with yourself and prepare to let go of what you no longer need

  • Upon returning from the walk, rest time whilst the meal is being prepared


  • ​Solo time for introspection

  • ART experience

  • SUnset walk

  • Unwinding



Third day - New Years Eve - December 31st



  • Warm fresh brewed ginger turmeric tonic

  • Connection with Fire - Lava hike to Let go of old unneeded patterns

  • Upon returning from the walk, rest time whilst the meal is being prepared



  • Solo time for introspection

  • Guided meditation

  • Embracing the last SunSET of 2022

  • Celebratory Ceremony to bless goodbye to 2022 and Welcome 2023


Fourth day - New Year day - January 1st



  • Warm fresh brewed ginger turmeric tonic

  • Embracing first SunRISE of 2023 - Receiving the first rays of Light of New year

  • Connection with water - replenishing ocean immersion - Flowing with waves of life as the new cycle starts

  • Upon returning from the ocean, rest time whilst the meal is being prepared



  • Solo time for introspection

  • Guided meditation for fresh BEginning

  • Sunset

  • Free time for Journaling, reading & integrating the experience


Fifth day / Departure: (Check out before 12:00pm)

  • Closing activity

  • Airport drop-off

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Appreciated Contribution
US$ 2,023
All inclusive
5 days



Private cottage room with king size bed and private bathroom. Outdoor kitchen. Single or double occupancy




You will enjoy plant based -vegan lifestyle with fresh fruits from the farm. Tea, juices and all organic freshly prepared meals ayurvedic style with intermittent fasting to allow your digestive system to cleanse and regenerate

What's Included In This Package

  • 5day /4night  day accommodation in coffee farm

  • Meals

  • Catered New years eve ceremony and celebration experience

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Transportation during the retreat

  • Daily guided meditation 

  • Time for inner contemplation and exploration

  • Forest bath and volcanic energy to replenish your senses

  • Beach excursion for total replenishment. Dip/swim in the buoyancy of the wondrous Hawaiian ocean waters

  • Water, tea and fresh picked organic fruit (when in season) throughout the day

  • Everything organic, eco-friendly, non-toxic


What's Not Included In This Package

  • Travel insurance

  • Flights costs

  • Visa fee


“Drop the idea of becoming someone, because you are already a masterpiece. You cannot be improved. You have only to come to it, to know it, to realize it.” - OSHO

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