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The Fool

Some say I am a fool.

And I would say, Yes I am a fool, the fool that stands in front of the cliff with a smile and her head raised high looking at the sky, at spirit, basking in the sun rays coming from behind, receiving all its radiant light.

I am the fool that jumps off the cliff not one but many times. Always Ready to jump the cliff into the unknown new chapter of life, trusting that the net will appear, preoccupied only in carrying a small bag of essentials for the journey, always liking to travel light.

I am the fool that rejoices in the beauty around and looks for the good and when the challenges of the treacherous parts of the path appear, continues to keep head up looking at the shining bright sun. Focusing on the overcoming of the challenge in a joyful way.

Being that fool I have jumped cliffs the size of oceans, climbed obstacles the size of Everest, and overcome victorious the arduous challenges that have appeared on the road, in the process awakening to Pure Love bigger than the highest mountain, more profound than the deepest ocean.

Yes, I am that fool, and though the journey I have been blessed by having with me three jewels, three sources of inspiration, the three magnificent daughters that life brought to me, who taught me all about love.

I am the fool that today having gone half way through the journey of life, with all the mountains climbed, the treacherous roads crossed, learned that there is nothing but love to carry you through.

Witnessing my eldest daughter in her journey of life and death, finding her breath, finding her strength, finding herself, like the caterpillar stuck in the cocoon struggling to come out, feeling stuck in a body that felt too small for the love, willpower and strength of her soul until the moment she died a year ago.

This fool’s biggest cliff jump became the jump into the vast awakening of the pure love that makes life, life.

Love for life from all those that struggle to live

Love of giving

Love unconditional from your family and friends who is always there in good and bad

Love from all those that offer the gift of healing through their healing hands

Love in pain and struggle as well as in joy and ease

When you pay attention; you can see love pouring all around

For this fool

When it is raining, there is a cooling lovely breeze

When it is storming, there is powerful energy

When it's dark the stars shine bright

And when the spring comes after a long period of drought the flowers fill the fields with renewed beauty and color

And here I am today so blessed by being able to write these lines, and start sharing moments of the journey with you…

More coming soon

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