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PLF - Quantum Healing Therapy

Awaken your own

Self Healing Power


During the PLF sessions,

you receive the support to ignite and strengthen  your own inner healing power.

Its within you and you can tap into it. 


Receive a reawakening of the physical, mental emotional and spiritual bodies

We are wired for and deserve to live a life full of vitality, strength, joy … with optimal wellbeing.


Your daily choices are important .


Come and make it so!

60 minute sessions include


Sound - crystal bowl balancing frequencies

Grounding and just relaxing

Real time for you to replenish and self care

Quantum healing 

Guided meditation

Lifestyle coaching

photo_2021-11-19 16.40.26.jpeg

Good morning Dear Aarya ,

    I just wanted to pass on my immense gratitude to you for the last guided meditation session we had . It helped me to break the shackles I was tied with , without being feared or judged or anger , and a new light of love entered my body . I have been practicing it everyday . Thank you so much for showing the presence of divine love . 

-Bhawana Mayor

Offered in Hawi

Serving Waimea, Waikoloa, Honoka'a, Kona with
- Mobile Home visits available with added travel time -

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Superb Self-Care

Additional offerings:

meal prep and culinary classes for making your own nourishing meals that re-generate your cells.



Juices: $15

Tonics $ 6

Solid dishes: $24

The Sessions include


Awareness- Exploring our beliefs and feelings around life and death. 

Sustaining- Caring for ourselves and others during challenging times. Having equanimity and inner calm


Reviewing- Looking at our stories. Different outlooks on living life fully

Cleaning house- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual activities to purify, clean and transmute within and without.


Activating- Lifestyle practices to live more JoyFULL. Changing patterns, practices to overcome fear - conditioning and limiting beliefs


Completing - Embodying your new self free from limiting beliefs

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