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New Year's Eve Ceremony
(Aka: Workshop)

Join us on this experiential

 fun workshop

Includes a step by step demonstration of how to create a powerful and fun ceremony to celebrate New Year's Eve with family and friends


Includes a

beautiful e-booklet /PDF

with the step by step description of all needed to create and enjoy the  beautiful ceremony 

Enter into 2024 EMPOWERED


Embrace the ending and  beginning of a new year with sacred ceremony

Enrich your gathering with family and friends by including in your celebration a super memorable ceremony to welcome the new energies coming







and deep sharing

from the heart

to your New Year's Eve celebration


Kids and adults all love it and will rave about it and look forward to it year after year

Make sure to Experience it for yourslef

you will be delighted you did

Saturday December 2nd 2023


@Waimea Yoga

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Personal experience from a participant

New Year's is an extremely important and meaningful time of the year. For most people its a night of partying with family and friends. It's also a day we attempt to make resolutions, but those are always hard to keep.


For me its much more than that. My aunt always makes this night extra meaningful. She has a series of events that we all do. It starts with burning a calendar of the year that is ending. This is one of my favorite parts because it feels like I am cleansing my body and mind of any unwanted thing from the year and leaving them in the past.


Then when the clock marks midnight we hold hands, jump into the new year and circle around the altar table were we find specific things we want the new year to bring for us. 


Then wall grab suitcases and run a full lap outside. It represents a new year full of traveling.  


This unique celebration we do is always heart warming and eye opening. I would much rather do this than go to a party with my friends. It brings our family together and allows us to have a wonderful night.

Isabella Celis - Age 15

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