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Gratitude Powered Self

The Gratitude Powered Self is your navigation system

which will unfailingly take you to your destination through the fastest and most delightful route

Set up the coordinates powering your day with Gratitude and Appreciation 

Expressions of Gratitude given and received plus


Good morning Dear Aarya ,

    I just wanted to pass on my immense gratitude to you for the last guided meditation session we had . It helped me to break the shackles I was tied with , without being feared or judged or anger , and a new light of love entered my body . I have been practicing it everyday . Thank you so much for showing the presence of divine love . 



I AM immensely Grateful for you who are here reading this page and allowing the opportunity that we may meet and share enriching moments together. Mahalo for being here :)


Thanks soo much dear Aarya....

the sessions we did with you are all coming to me as such a great mom in law is not keeping well ..she has lot of ailments her heart has grown weak and I'm taking this opportunity to do service to her with great love and compassion..all your teachings and experiences are coming to me which I'm able to follow practically for my mom in law. Deep deep gratitude dear Aarya"



I AM immensely grateful for each challenge that has allowed me the opportunity to grow deeper into pure Love and compassion for myself and all others. So grateful!


IAM immensely grateful for the gift my daughters offered by providing the art portrayed throughout the site. All their uniquely beautiful original art. It makes the site so alive and filled with love. Pure Joy.

MAHALO! THANK YOU ! GRACIAS! most beloved 


Dear Aarya,

 I truly appreciate you and everything you did for us while we were with you. Julie and I talk about it at least every couple of months. It's been a huge blessing and brought the two of us closer than we have ever been growing up. Thank you!!!.



I AM immensely grateful for each person with whom I have shared the journey on this beautiful earth. To every participant of every class I have facilitated, to every teacher I have had


Thank you dear Aarya for holding space for us and being there for us always. We all just pour out our thoughts feelings to you and  you understand us so well and we feel so safe and secure with you. Thank you for everything and Lots of love and blessings to all "


The 100 challenge 


In one sitting, write one hundred gratitudes...

It's a great tonic for the heart and a manifester of pure joy

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