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Whole Being Detox

 Purifying Live Food Cleanses 

Give your whole being a very well deserved

cleanse and re-boot

Some of the many

Benefits of a purifying cleanse

  • Cleanse and detox the liver

  • Cleanse and detox the gut

  • Support alkalizing the blood

  • Promote immunity

  • Help digestive system rest and reset

  • Alleviate digestive problems

  • Clear the mind 

  • Rejuvenate body cells

  • Energize and increase vitality

  • Provide a sense of body lightness 

  • Calm the emotions and increase sense of inner peace


Satisfy your hunger. Nourish body, heart, mind, and soul!


A clean gut supports

A clear mind 

A clear mind supports

the unobstructed

expression of the Heart


What is included

IMG_5790 2.jpeg
IMG_5803 2.jpeg

Complete package 

three day supply of

Fresh Pressed juices, tonics, mylks

(Ingredients listed all based on seasonal availability) 

Liver and Kidney Support : Beet, celery, apple, lemon - Aid the re-set and revitalization of liver and kidney - half gallon (64oz)


Heavy metal detox: fresh coconut water, cucumber, cilantro - for flushing out chemicals, heavy metals and cleansing the kidneys - half gallon (64oz)

* Gut Re-set: Activated flax mylk with  Ayurvedic spices - for digestive support and good supply of needed healthy oils and probiotics - half gallon (64oz)


* Immunity Boost: Lemon, ginger, tonic with raw - ahimsa honey - Alkalizing for the blood and increased immune support - half gallon (64oz)

Micro-nutrients: Sea-moss gel - supplies 92 of the micro minerals and nutrients that make up the body - 4oz

IMG_0238 2.jpeg

Additional drinks to add a la carte

* 4oz Ginger, turmeric, cayenne wellness shot -increases your immunity

* 4oz AWA aka: Kava nourishing elixir. For grounding and calming the mind and body


Meditation and wellness lifestyle mentoring

Make it a supported physical, mental and emotional cleanse with: guided meditation, mentorship on essential key points for a lifestyle thriving in well-being and living Joy-Fully


Outdoor Fitness Personal Training

Make it all rounded with guided walks, hikes, Exercises, and weight training outdoors immersed in nature. Which gives you the added benefit of your daily supply of Vitamin D and Vitality from the Life-giving rays of Sunshine

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Giving and Receiving

The infinite flow of Aloha

We give our offerings to you overflowing with Pure Love and Appreciation

We receive your contribution as a gift ,

a beautiful exchange in expression of Gratitude

May you thrive and prosper every day in every way in ever increasing amounts

Mahalo! Mahalo! ALOHA

3 day supply of the above described juices:


Personalized Mentorship

$60 per session

Additional a la carte drinks

4oz - $10


Cash back Bottle Return: $10

Pick-up Locations:


Everyday: Hawi Town 

Tuesdays: Spencer beach park

Saturdays: Waimea farmers market

Delivery options:


Included in package


For other locations call for pricing

Order your daily supply by contacting us

You may send your contribution via Zelle or Cash upon delivery

If you prefer to use Credit Card, we are happy to provide a CC link. It will include 4.5% Stripe added fee 

Important note:

Due to the fresh and perishable nature of the juices,

Once you have received your supply, refunds or cancellations are not possible

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