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House Clearings and Blessings

All services offered remotely and in person

Our home is our oasis. 

Fill your home with love, joy, healing energy and prosperity

Image by Chewy

Excellent times for house blessings

  • Purchase of New Home

  • Selling a home

  • New Work

  • After an Illness

  • Divorce

  • New Baby

  • Death of loved one

  • Wedding


Benefits of blessing your home


Dissolve negative energy

 Boost vital energy flow

  • For manifestation of intentions: prosperity, joy, harmony, love

  • Enhanced health

  • Enhanced creativity


Create a positive  environment


Increase the perceived value 

Blessing the Food
Hanging Glass Flask Candles

Once you clear and bless your home, turn it into your sacred space. We can help you create sacred space in your home which will in turn support the maintaining of the energy of the blessing

Image by Dane Deaner

“I invited Aarya to do a house blessing for my new home and she did an excellent job.  She customized it to my wishes but not in any way compromising the beautiful ceremonies she performed.  Her choices of chants and invocations and the blessings of the Deities were excellent.  Her chanting was awesome and the ceremony really transformed the energy and sanctity of my home.  I would not hesitate to use her services again and recommend her to others!

Betsy Schatz

Denver, Colorado

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