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Biodynamic Garden

A biodynamic farm is an ecological, ethical and spiritual approach to agricultural practices. Developed in the early 1920’s based on the insights of Dr. Rudolph Steiner. It strives to create a diversified and balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility to soil and full availability of nutrient rich components to the harvested product.


The garden serves multiple purposes:

  1. Supply fresh and nutrient rich produce for preparing the vegan meals of the center.

  2. Produce income from the sale of products to the public. Income that will contribute to       sustaining the center.

  3. Job training for young adults to develop work skills that help them become self reliant.

  4. Restore nutrients and life to the soil creating contributing to restore the energetic balance of the earth.

  5. Educate the community in healthier ways to farm and cultivate the earth for the radiant health of it’s people, plants, and animals.

  6. ​Provide service opportunities.

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