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7 day You and Nature Retreat

Sample itinerary

First Day /Arrival: (Check-in between 1:30pm and 5:00pm)

  • Pick-up at the airport in Kona, Big Island

  • Transportation to the farm - Approximately 75-minute car drive.

  • Settle into the room and unwind

  • Welcoming, logistics


Other days:


  • You create your daily flow: read, write, meditate, walk, contemplate, rest, paint, draw, art...

  • Optional: add-on use of vehicle for going to ocean or exploring


  • Noonish: Main Meal

  • You create your afternoon flow


Seventh day / Departure: (Check out before 12:00pm)

  • Early Morning beach walk (optional: ocean swim)

  • Airport drop-off


Extra add-ons available:​

  • Massage

  • Rent of car for exploring the island

  • Guided Nature walk/hike or ocean swim

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann
Image by Kelly Sikkema
Appreciated Contribution
US$ 2,400
All inclusive
7days/6 nights
Would like to offer a different amount?
Send me a message 

Extension of Stay


After the initial package, you are welcomed to extend your stay. If you wish to continue the immersion with supported activities, we can customize with an additional contribution


If you would prefer a more free flowing time and space to create your own schedule and personal meditations, with a more subtle support and less engagement with me. I can offer room with the daily meal, fresh fruit and water plus car. With no facilitation of activities, which leaves open day for your own design and creation:


If you have a loved one who is also on this path of self-cultivation and would like to immerse in the retreat as well, and you are fine with sharing bedroom and the queen bed, we can potentially accommodate for both to come together. Contact for custom details


“When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.” 
― Rumi

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